Sofia - Blagoevgrad

You have a trip to Bulgaria coming up, but you don't have transportation? Then you need a taxi! If you are planning a short stay, you need a transfer from the airport to your destination. We can provide you with different transports for different destinations. For example, if you have a trip from Sofia airport / city to Blagoevgrad city and return after that from Blagoevgrad city to Sofia airport / city, you can count on our services. We offer taxi transfers from Sofia to any point in the country and abroad. 

Note that a trip from Sofia airport / city to Blagoevgrad city, for example, would take about 1.30 hours. Blagoevgrad is located in southwestern Bulgaria, at a distance of about 100 km from Sofia and about 110 km from Sofia airport. Although you are traveling almost all the time on the highway "Struma", the transfer takes some time. 

If you are not alone and you will travel with relatives, friends, colleagues to accompany you, don't worry about it - we can transport you, no matter how many people you are. If you need more than one taxi, we are ready to provide several transfers, with several cars. This is our concern! 

For foreigners who come to Bulgaria for the first time, we offer transportation arranged in advance - with the exact day and time of the trip, transfer to the hotel. The driver can communicate in English, besides being experienced and qualified guide. Of course, if any other transportation beside airport to hotel transfer is required, for example - to the city center, to an office building, etc., you can count on our professional services. 

  • Distance: 110.00 km
  • Duration: 1.30 h
  • Price: from 129.00 BGN (67 EUR)
Sofia - Blagoevgrad

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Short information: 

What do our services include? 
- Transfer from Sofia airport / city to Blagoevgrad city
- Transfer from Blagoevgrad city to Sofia airport / city

The price includes: 
- car rental with a professional driver, fuel costs for the car and the necessary tolls in Bulgaria; 
- transportation of passengers – up to 4 people; 
- fixed fee.

Blagoevgrad is located in southwestern Bulgaria, 100 km from the city of Sofia and 110 km from Sofia Airport. It is located in the fertile valley at the foot of the Rila mountain, near the banks of the Bistrica river at its confluence with the Struma river. 

On the territory of today's city, there was a Thracian settlement of Skaptopara, which arose near the warm mineral spring even before the new era. Later, the Romans settled in this place. During the period of Ottoman rule, the city was referred to by the name Jumaya (market), in connection with the fact that an annual fair was held near it. At that time, it was an important road fortress that controlled the roads along the Struma River and the valley of the Bregalnitsa River. After the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, according to the Treaty of Berlin (1878), Blagoegrad (then Gorna Jumaya) remained in Turkish territory. Entered the borders of Bulgaria after the Balkan War of 1912-1913. 

Not far from the city center there are warm mineral springs. The mineral water is sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium, fluorine and silicon. Its temperature is 60.5 degrees. It is recommended for rheumatic diseases of the joints and muscles, chronic inflammation of the peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, etc. 

3 km from the city is a beautiful park - Bachinovo, suitable for sports, recreation and entertainment. 

Near Blagoegrad is one of the richest nature reserves in Bulgaria - Parangalitsa.

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