Sofia - Bansko: Private taxi transfer

Fast, cheap and private taxi transfer Sofia - Bansko

Are you planning a trip to Bulgaria but don't have your own car to get around?

Then you need a taxi!
If you haven't returned to your home country for a long time and are planning a short stay, you need a transfer from the airport to your hometown.
We can provide you with different transports for different destinations. For example, if you have a trip coming from the city / airport of Sofia to Bansko and return after that, when you need to return abroad, from Bansko to the city / airport of Sofia, you can count on our services.

We offer a taxi transfer from Sofia to any point in the country and abroad.

Note that a possible trip from Sofia city/airport to Bansko or from Bansko to Sofia city/airport, for example, would take about 2.2 hours. Bansko is located at a distance of about 170 km from Sofia and nearly 165 km from Sofia Airport. The transfer takes some time, which you should plan in advance.
If you are not alone and will bring relatives, friends, colleagues to show them the beauty of the homeland, don't worry - we can transport you, regardless of how many people you are. If you need more than one taxi, we are ready to provide several transfers, with several cars. This is our concern!
For foreigners who come to Bulgaria for the first time, we offer pre-arranged transport - with the exact day and time of the trip, transfer from the hotel. The driver will be able to communicate in English, in addition to being an experienced and qualified driver.
Of course, if other transportation is needed, besides a transfer from the airport to a hotel, for example - to the city center, to an office building, etc., you can count on our professional services.

Fast, cheap and private taxi transfer Sofia - Bansko.

  • Distance: 170.00 km
  • Duration: 2.20 h
  • Price: from 179.00 BGN (93 EUR)
Sofia - Bansko: Private taxi transfer

Fast and easy access to any place in Bulgaria or abroad with our taxi transfer service

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Short information: 

What do our services include? 

- taxi transfer from Sofia airport / city to Bansko
- taxi transfer from Bansko to Sofia airport / city

The price includes: 

  • one way transfer
  • car rental with a professional driver, fuel costs for the car and the necessary tolls in Bulgaria; 
  • transportation of passengers – up to 4 people; 
  • fixed fee.
           Price for a minivan, van or bus - on request
Bansko is located in the southwestern part of the Razlog valley at а crossroad. The city lies on a huge alluvial cone formed by the Glazne рiver (a right tributary of the Mesta рiver). This is the largest, most modern and developed ski and winter resort in Bulgaria.

Bansko is the main starting point to the Pirin mountains, the Banderitsa and Demyanitsa huts and Vihren peak. The settlement arose in today's place, probably on top of Thracian settlements around the 9th - 10th centuries. In the 18th century, Bansko was a large center of trade in cotton, transported from the Aegean region to Central Europe and handicrafts. Banko’s people trading offices appeared in Thessaloniki, Budapest, Vienna. Material prosperity gave impetus to the rise of the national spirit. Paisii Hilendarski (1722-1773), Neofit Rilski (1793-1881), Nikola Vaptsarov (1909-1942) were born here and Toma Vishanov (Molera) studied in Germany and became the founder of the famous Bansko school of painting. Many remarkable revival houses were built. After the Napoleonic Wars, Bansko's trade declined. After the Liberation War, the city declined even more. In 1896, Gotse Delchev visited Bansko and prepared the ground for future liberation struggles. A large cultural center was built in the city, a monument to the great poet and revolutionary Nakola Yonkov Vaptsarov, a monument to Paisiy Hilendarski.Do not know how to get from Bansko to Sofia airport ? In advance, book a transfer at

Touristic sights in Bansko:

"K.Y. Vaptsarov" house museum, where the life and activities of the revolutionary poet are shown with many exhibits.

The church "St. The Mother of God" was built at the end of the II Bulgarian state and was restored in the 18th, beginning of the 19th century. It has an iconostasis, which is an incomparable masterpiece of carving art.
The church "Stveta Troitsa" was built in 1835 with large dimensions for that time. The frescoes and carvings are made by Velyan Ognev. Not far from the church is the thirty-meter tower - a belfry with a clock built by Gligor Dogyuv, and the clock is the work of Todor Hadjiradonov.

A number of the old houses in Bansko are interesting. Sirleshto's house is a large two-story building with an interesting distribution of rooms, a hiding place and secret exits. The Buinova (Todeva) house was built in 1864. The Velyanova house is valuable for its rich decorative decorations, carvings and wall paintings.The nearest airport are located in Sofia 170 km or Plovdiv 180 km.From the airport you need to get to the capital of Bulgaria. From the center to the resort there are three directions from the stations: Central, Western and Ovcha Kupel. The journey takes about 3 hours. Tickets are purchased at the ticket office of the bus station or on the public transport website.

SKI TRACKS, LIFTS AND TOWERS BANSKO SKI SLOPES: Kolarski, Banderitsa, Plateau 1, Balkaniada, Shiligarnik 1, Shiligarnik 2, Stara Pista Yulen, Plateau 2, Strazhite, Chalin Valog 2, Ski Path 1, Ski Path 2. LIFTS AND LIFTS: Cabin, Mosta, Kolarski, Banderitsa 1, Banderitsa 2, Shiligarnik, Chalin Valog, Todorka, Plateau, Old Anchor, Children's Anchor, Panitsa B, Chalin Tow.

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